About Us

The Association for Digital Professionals.

  1. To establish a strong network amongst the marketing and related industries, business entities, professionals and the academies for the digital industry.

  2. To establish a platform with local cultural context to provide professional support and assist personal and business development in the creative industries.

  3. To provide consultancy service to individuals and business entities about the techniques of digitization in real business entities.

  4. To increase awareness of Hong Kong public about the importance of digital transformation for industries and business entities in Hong Kong and Asia Pacific, and the contribution to the overall economic growth and cultural development.

  5. To provide professional training programmes, mentoring programmes, public information seminars, academic seminars, cross-cultural sharing workshops or creativity and innovation enhancement workshops on digital industry.

  6. To receive visitors or experts in the digital industry and to exchange with them information and expertise.

  7. To pool professional resources for mutual experience sharing, and arrange for personnel exchange and cross cultural experience among countries.


  • Establish industry standard for digital platforms to facilitate the development and transformation of organizations towards digitally sounded
  • Collaborate with different private, quasi-government and government organizations to conduct public seminars & forums to raise public awareness of digitization trends
  • Work closely with academics and industry professionals to conduct researches, publish papers & books, and design training programs to enhance overall skills of digital practitioners in different sectors

Words from the President

We all have witnessed a strong on-going development in the digital arena in Hong Kong in the past years. In this part of the world, however, one often associates “digital” only with “marketing”. In fact, there have seen a great diversity in this industry, including digital agencies, digital public relations firms, which are of various sizes and with diversified expertise in aspects such as social media or search engine optimization (SEO). With such diversity, we also observe scattering and fragmentation in this industry. Yet, one cannot succeed by itself alone. As such, we believe that the most important development area for the industry is "integration". Sustainable development can only be achieved through integrating various aspects, whereas digital marketing is only one of the puzzles, with other like social media, SEO, public relations, key opinion leaders (KOL) are also part of the “digital” recipes.

It is our shared vision that by nurturing a platform that links up professionals and experts in various fields, we will be able to leverage each other’s experience to generate strong synergy and collective impact. With this vision, we established the “Digital Transformation Alliance” (DTA) in 2016, aiming to connect multiple sectors such as the industry, academia, non-governmental organizations, research; and also multiple roles such as human resources, information systems, customer servicing, sales and marketing. Riding on the integration among various fields and roles, DTA organizes seminars, executive training sessions, publishes industry report and sharing insights. All in all, we aim to bring real difference, foster digital transformation and to enhance the competitiveness of Hong Kong. It is our sincere wish that you can join us and walk together in this exciting journey.