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KOL Model

KOL Model is a valuable tool tailor-made for managers and advertisers with regard to selecting the right celebrities so as to maximize the return on investment and avoid the pitfalls from making an unwise decision.  Taking into consideration both offline and online avenues, KOL Model gauges various key aspects and classifies the KOLs by using two key attributes – Content Affinity (Qualitative metrics) and Audience Base (quantitative metrics).  With this Model on hand, managers and advertisers are equipped to derive the winning KOL strategies in promoting and protecting the brands.

Digital Engagement Model

In the market with on-going digital transformation, customers have multiple channels to interact with brands and with other customers as well.  It is important for marketers to understand how to continuously engage their customers in various stages, starting from brand awareness, all the way leading to actions, or even becoming key opinion leaders. This model, together with the associated measurement tools, would enable marketers to make informed, forward-looking decisions to engage their customers in both offline and online arenas.